Use a Wait Seconds action
  • 25 May 2021
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Use a Wait Seconds action

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There's nothing wrong with speed, but it's possible for an agent to be a little too fast for its own good. If your agent begins an action before the web page has time to load, the agent can navigate incorrectly, capture incomplete data, or return empty fields.

The methods below let you slow your agent down so it can correctly capture your data.

Add a Wait Seconds action

  1. Select the page in the Actions List where you would like to insert the wait time.
  2. Select Add Action > Wait Seconds.
  3. Select and drag the Wait Seconds action where it is needed. Most of the time, you'll place it immediately after an action that requires the web page to load new content.
  4. Right-click the Wait action and select Properties.
  5. Use the Wait seconds toggle to adjust the time delay before performing the next action. You can also use the Wait between seconds option to vary the amount of time.
  6. Select SAVE.

Add wait time within the properties of specific actions or pages

  1. Right-click on a page in the Actions List. Select Properties.
  3. Set the number of wait seconds at the necessary time.

You can perform the same steps above for actions such as:

  • Click Item action.
  • Load New Page action.
  • Set User Input action.

Enable Wait for AJAX to alter the page when it is done loading to allow everything on the page to be loaded fully before the next action starts.
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