I can't open the Agent Builder
  • 14 May 2024
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I can't open the Agent Builder

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Article summary

The Agent Builder can sometimes be falsely identified as malicious by antivirus software. You might notice the following behavior if your antivirus software and the Agent Builder aren't getting along:

  • The Builder opens but nothing shows up in the browser window.
  • The Mozenda icon in the system tray suddenly becomes unavailable and you can’t open Mozenda from the Start Menu.
  • The Mozenda icon in the system tray won’t connect to the Web Console.

What’s going on?

The Agent Builder helps you create an automated script, or agent, that browses the web and interacts with websites on its own. The Agent Builder opens browser windows, creates processes, and communicates with the Mozenda servers via the Client Connector to open, save, and run agents as it browses to websites and collects data.

Some antivirus software applications see this as suspicious behavior and might:

  • Quarantine the Mozenda service, which would cause the Mozenda icon in the system tray to disappear.
  • Block the browser process, which would prevent anything from loading in the Agent Builder’s browser window when you open the Agent Builder.
  • Prevent the Mozenda client service from connecting to the Web Console.

Mozenda works with antivirus providers to prevent this from happening, but occasionally Mozenda can still get flagged.

How can I fix this?

Add Mozenda as an exception locally to your virus software (also called adding an exclusion or whitelisting). In some cases, you might need to add the Mozenda install file as an exception as well.

Which files do I whitelist?

For best results, you should list exclude/whitelist all of the files located in the Mozenda's installation folder.

Ex: Windows (C:) > User > <username> > AppData > Mozenda

If your antivirus program has already quarantined Mozenda, you might need to remove it from quarantine before or after adding it as an exception.

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