Create a chain of agents
  • 25 May 2021
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Create a chain of agents

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Just like people, agents work more efficiently when they have a specific set of tasks to complete. Rather than giving a single agent a long list of actions to perform, you can get your data faster if you create a chain of small agents that divide the workload.

The steps below walk you through the most common technique to build a chain of agents, where an initial agent collects navigation URLs, and subsequent agents reference those URLs to harvest data.

1. Build an agent that captures at least 1 URL field

In the Agent Builder:

  1. Start an Agent.
  2. Capture a list of URLs.
  3. Test the agent.
  4. Save the agent.

2. Run the agent

In the Web Console:

  1. Run the agent.

3. Input data into another agent

In the Agent Builder:

  1. Start a new agent from the Mozenda home screen.
  2. Select Add Action > Input List.
  3. Select Collection.
  4. Select the collection and view that corresponds to the previous agent.
  5. Select Add Action > Load New Page.
  6. Replace http:// with a field reference associated with the URL field from the previous agent. To indicate that this is a field, enter the name between two percentage signs. Leave the post data field and/or other fields blank.


  1. Select ADD PAGE.
  2. Add any additional steps needed on the agent.
  3. Test the agent.
  4. Save the agent.
  5. If needed, repeat steps 1-10 to add additional chained agents.

Automate these steps using a sequence Click here.

Include all fields in your final export

  1. Right-click on Begin Item List > Properties > Additional Settings.
  2. Select the Green Plus sign > hold CTRL + select all fields to include in your final agent.
  3. Select Save.

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