Publish data to Microsoft Azure Blob Storage
  • 27 Jul 2021
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Publish data to Microsoft Azure Blob Storage

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Article Summary

Mozenda makes it easy for you to publish and store your data in a Microsoft Azure Blob (Binary Large OBject) container.


To publish to Microsoft Azure Blob Storage, you will need a Microsoft Azure account.

Publish to an MS Azure Blob Storage

In the Web Console:

  1. Select an agent or collection.
  2. Select Agent-List.
  3. Select Publishing.

Publish data to s3 4

  1. Select AzureStorage under Publishing method.
  2. Choose an option under File includes.
  3. Choose an option under Managed view.
  4. Choose the File format you want to publish to Dropbox.
    • Your choices are CSV, TSV, XML, XLSX, or JSON.
  5. Choose when you want the data to be published.
    • You can publish the data (a) when the agent completes, (b) manually, or (c) on a schedule.
  6. Enter the information to connect to your Microsoft Azure account and Blob container.
    Make sure to type out the information exactly as it appears in the Azure console.
  7. Click TEST SETTINGS to test the connection.
  8. Select SAVE & PUBLISH NOW to publish the data immediately or select SAVE to publish later.

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