Publish data to Google Cloud Storage
  • 14 May 2024
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Publish data to Google Cloud Storage

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Article summary

Mozenda makes it easy to publish your data to a Google Cloud Storage bucket.

Agent-level publishing

In the Web Console:

  1. Select Agents > All Agents or Collection.

  2. Select the name of an agent or collection.

  3. Select Agent-List .

  4. Select Publishing. The Publish Data screen displays.

z publish_data google_cloud.PNG

  1. Select Google Cloud.
  2. Select an option from the What to include in the file drop-down.
  3. Select an option from the View drop-down.
Optional settings

You can edit additional settings by clicking the Settings icon Settings next to the View, File format, and publishing fields.

  1. Choose the File format you want to publish to Google Cloud.

    • CSV, TSV, XML, JSON, or XLSX.
  2. Select when you want the data to publish:

    • You can publish the data (a) when the agent completes, (b) on an schedule, or (c) manually.
  3. Enter the information to access your Google Cloud Storage.

    • Google Cloud Key JSON – You should have a Google Cloud Key JSON assigned to your Google Cloud account. Copy and paste the entire key and enter it into the post-body for the GoogleCloudCredentialJSONparameter in the Collect.SetPublisher API.
    • Google Cloud Storage Bucket – This field should only contain the name of the bucket. The Google Cloud storage bucket must be set up prior to publishing.
    • Folder – This field can contain folder paths within the bucket. It is not required.
  4. Select TEST SETTINGS to test the connection.

  5. Select SAVE or SAVE & PUBLISH NOW.

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