Publish data to Dropbox
  • Updated on 07 May 2020
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Publish data to Dropbox

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You can publish data harvested by your agent(s) by linking your Mozenda your Mozenda account to your Dropbox account.

Link your Mozenda account to your Dropbox account

  1. Open the Web Console.
  2. On the dashboard, click on the Dropbox icon under the Connectors heading.

Publish Data to Dropbox1(1)

  1. Sign in to your Dropbox account.
  2. Click Allow.

Publish Data to Dropbox2(1)

Configure an agent to publish to Dropbox

  1. Open an agent in the Web Console.
  2. Click the Settings Gear icon.
  3. Select Publishing.
  4. Click Dropbox.
  5. Choose an option under What to include in the file.
  6. Choose an option under View.
  7. Choose the file type you want to publish to Dropbox.
    • Your choices are CSV, TSV, XML, XLSX, or JSON.
  8. Choose when you want the data to be published.
    • You can publish the data (a) after every time the agent runs, (b) on an independent schedule, or (c) manually.
  9. Enter the destination folder within Dropbox where you would like the file saved.
  10. Click Test Dropbox Settings to confirm the file address is correct.
    • If the destination file you specified does not already exist in your Dropbox account, it will be created when you test these settings.
  11. Click Save.

Publish Data to Dropbox3(1)


Mozenda publishes files to Dropbox using the following convention: [agent name]–[view]–[Date: yyyy-MM-dd]

Overwriting files
If the same agent publishes to Dropbox multiple times on the same day, it will overwrite the previously published data for that day, resulting in only one file (per day) from that agent in Dropbox. You can access all of the data in the Dropbox under the file's history.

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