Publish data to Amazon S3
  • Updated on 19 Jun 2020
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Publish data to Amazon S3

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Mozenda makes it easy to publish your data to an Amazon S3 bucket.

To publish to Amazon S3, you will need an Amazon Web Services Account, the access key ID and the provided secret access key.

Publish to Amazon S3

Agent-level publishing

In the Web Console

  1. Open an agent or collection.
  2. Open Agent-List .
  3. Select Publishing.

Publish data to s3 4

  1. Select Amazon.

  2. Choose an option under What to include in the file.

  3. Choose an option under View.

  4. Choose the File format you want to publish to Dropbox.

    • Your choices are CSV, TSV, XML, XLSX, or JSON.
    • (Optional) Edit the file name by clicking Settings next to the File format field.
  5. Choose when you want the data to be published.

    • You can publish the data (a) after every time the agent runs, (b) on an independent schedule, or (c) manually.
  6. Enter the information to connect to your Amazon S3 bucket.

Make sure to type out the bucket exactly as saved and indicate the correct region.

  1. Click TEST AMAZON S3 STORAGE SETTINGS to test the connection.
  2. Select SAVE or SAVE & PUBLISH NOW.

Publish data to s3 5

Publish to a folder within your bucket

To publish data to a folder within your Amazon S3 bucket, include a slash (/) and folder name in the Bucket field. For example, to publish to the OptimusPrime folder in the Autobots bucket, enter: Autobots/OptimusPrime.

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