Publish data to a RSS feed
  • Updated on 09 Apr 2020
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Publish data to a RSS feed

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You can publish data harvested by your agent(s) by linking your Mozenda your Mozenda account to a structured RSS feed (a permanent URL). The RSS feed automatically updatea whenever new data is added to the view used to generate the feed.

Configuring an RSS feed in the Web Console

  1. Open the Web Console, then open the agent or collection.

  2. Click Manage Views.

  3. Select the view and click Edit view that you want to publish as an RSS feed.
    Create a new view.

  4. Select the RSS Feed tab.

  5. Check the box next to Publish this view as an RSS feed.

  6. Select Title, then select a field to use as the title for each RSS post.

  7. Select Publish date, then to select a field that to use as the publish date for RSS posts.

  8. Select Website URL, then select a field to use as the link for each RSS post.

The default field used is LocationURL, a system field automatically collected by Mozenda. It contains the URL of the deepest page visited by the agent during processing.

  1. Select one or more fields as the Content for each RSS post.
    The RSS feed displays this data without field headers. When multiple options are selected, the values are separated by commas.
  2. Click and drag to reorder fields in the Content window. (Optional.)
  3. Click Apply and Preview this feed.
    This will open a new tab in your browser to the permanent link of your new RSS feed and display the feed. Some browsers attempt to style the output while others show the raw XML with no styling.
  4. Click SAVE.
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