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  • Updated on 11 Jun 2020
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Load a new page

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Enter a Specific URL

The most common way to start building an agent is to simply load the website you want to scrape.

  1. Open the Agent Builder.
  2. Click Start new agent from this page.
  3. Click Add Action > Load New Page.
  4. Enter the target URL you want to scrape in the URL textbox.
  5. Click ADD PAGE.

This will create a new page in the action list and the website for the URL you entered will display.

Use the Load Page action to input URLs as a parameter

If you have already created a collection with URLs and you want to use them as input data in your agent you can follow the steps below:

  1. Create an input list from your collection.
    1. Click Add Action drop-down on the top left of the Agent Builder.
    2. Select Input List.
    3. Select Collection.
    4. Choose your collection that has the list of URLs you would like to go through.
  2. Click Add Action drop-down on the top left of the Agent Builder.
  3. Select Load New Page.
  4. In the URL textbox enter the name of your URL collection column inside %%. (E.g. %StartingURL%). You can find this by double-clicking the Begin Data List action and identifying the field that stores the URLs.

Make sure the name you will write in the URL textbox matches the name of your collection column. Not a specific URL.

  1. Click ADD PAGE.

When you run the agent, the list of URLs in your collection will load consecutively and the agent will scrape the information you've specified.

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