Publish data to Google Drive
  • Updated on 22 Jul 2020
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Publish data to Google Drive

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You can publish the data gathered to a Google Drive in the following steps.

Link your Mozenda account to Google Drive

In the Web Console

  1. Select .

  2. Select Account Settings > Select the Google Drive link.


  1. Sign in or select your account.

How do I publish my data to Google Drive3(1)

  1. Select Allow.

Configure an agent to publish to Google Drive

In the Web Console

  1. Open an agent or collection
  2. Open Agent-List .
  3. Select Publishing.

Publish data to s3 4

  1. Select Google.
  2. Choose an option under What to include in the file.
  3. Choose an option under View.
  4. Choose the File format you want to publish to Dropbox.
    • Your choices are CSV, TSV, XML, XLSX, or JSON.
  5. Choose when you want the data to be published.
    • You can publish the data (a) after every time the agent runs, (b) on an independent schedule, or (c) manually.
  6. (Optional) Enter the destination folder within Google Drive where you would like to save the file.
  7. Select TEST GOOGLE DRIVE SETTINGS to test the connection.
  8. Select SAVE & PUBLISH NOW to publish the data immediately.
    Select SAVE to publish later.

How do I publish my data to Google Drive4(1)


Mozenda publishes files to Google Drive using the following naming convention: [agent name]–[view]–[Date: yyyy-MM-dd] unless otherwise specified in the File format settings.

Overwriting your file

If the same agent gets published to Google Drive multiple times on the same day, it overwrites each time, resulting in only one file for that day on Google Drive. You can access each individually published file via the file history, where each version of the file from the same date is published separately.

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