Download and run Mozenda
  • 23 Jul 2021
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Download and run Mozenda

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Article Summary

Mozenda consists of two applications: the Web Console, a cloud-based web app, and the Agent Builder, a desktop application.

You need to install the Agent Builder to your local system to build the agents and specify the websites and information you want to gather. Follow the instructions below to download and install the Agent Builder.
Note: In order to download the Agent Builder, you'll need a Mozenda account.

Not using Windows?
Important note!

Macs with an M1 chip can have issues running Windows. To use the Agent Builder you must run the Windows 64-bit ARM in Parallels or VirtualBox.

In the Web Console:

  1. In the top right of the toolbar, select

  2. Select Download the Agent Builder.

  3. Run the downloaded file and follow the prompts.

  4. Select the blue Mozenda icon in the bottom right of your taskbar (the menu at the bottom of your Windows desktop).


  1. Select Settings.
  2. Enter your Mozenda account email and password to sign in.


  1. Select the Mozenda icon in your Windows taskbar, run the application, then select Start Mozenda Agent Builder.
    Open the Windows Start menu > Select Mozenda.

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