• 25 May 2021
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This call rebuilds a combined collection. A combined collection can be rebuilt if all source agents are "at rest", that is, if all jobs running in source agents have a status of Done, Canceled, Paused, or Error.

Combined collections rebuild automatically when the last source agent job finishes or is canceled.

URL parameters

URL parameter ordering

The URL parameters below are listed in the order they should be entered in the API URL.

Name Required Type Description
CollectionID True numeric Unique identifier of the combined collection.
Job.Status.Url False string A URL that Mozenda will request when the CombinedCollectionRebuild job finishes processing. This follows the same paradigm as Agent.Run's Job.StatusURL
StatusTimeout False string Timeout for push notifications.


Name Type Description
Result string Success if the operation was successful.
JobID string Unique identifier for the CombinedCollectionRebuild job.
CollectionID numeric Unique identifier of the combined collection.

Sample request

curl -X GET ""

Sample responses


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<RebuildResponse xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xsd="">

JSON (add &ResponseFormat=JSON)

   "JobID": 32860,
   "CollectionID": 1089,
   "JsonResult": {
      "Command": "Collection.Rebuild",
      "AutoLoggedIn": false,
      "WebConsoleKey": "",
      "Result": "Success",
      "ErrorCode": "",
      "ErrorDescription": "",
      "ErrorList": [],
      "ExecutionTime": {
         "Ticks": 0,
         "Days": 0,
         "Hours": 0,
         "Milliseconds": 0,
         "Minutes": 0,
         "Seconds": 0,
         "TotalDays": 0,
         "TotalHours": 0,
         "TotalMilliseconds": 0,
         "TotalMinutes": 0,
         "TotalSeconds": 0

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