Capture page-level metadata
  • 24 May 2021
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Capture page-level metadata

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Page-level metadata are data points about the current page you are scraping. This includes such things as the webpage’s URL, the title or the whole HTML code.

In the Agent Builder:

  1. Enter a URL
  2. Right-click the page header.

Capture Page-Level and Meta Data_Image1(1)

  1. Select Properties > PAGE LEVEL CAPTURE ACTIONS.
  2. Specify the information you want to capture.

Capture Page-Level and Meta Data_Image2(1)

Item Description
Page URL The URL of the current web page.
Page Title The name of the page that displays in search engine results and tab names in your web browser.
Page HTML The full HTML code of the web page.
Meta Description An HTML element containing a summary of the web page used in SEO.
Meta Keywords An HTML element containing keywords that specify the topic of the web page used in SEO.
  1. Select SAVE.

The field name and the page level action will be included in your data set.

Capture Page-Level and Meta Data_Image3(1)

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