Add a third-party proxy provider
  • 20 May 2021
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Add a third-party proxy provider

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Article Summary

When you use Premium Harvesting, you can select the geolocation (or geographic location) a custom proxy for your agents or agent run jobs. This allows your agent to pull from a pool of region-specific IP addresses to get your data faster with less detection.

This feature is only available to the account administrator.

How to choose a third-party proxy provider

There are many geolocations and proxy pools available to you through Mozenda. However, you can choose to add your own third-party proxy provider.

Proxies are easily accessible through providers like OXY Lab, Luminati, Charity Engine, and more. These providers offer many types of proxies. It is important to know the difference between proxy types to understand what is best for you.

  • Residential proxy servers use real IP addresses. These are the best proxy types to use and look like regular IP addresses.
  • Datacenter IPs are computer-generated IP addresses not associated with a physical device. Since they are located in the cloud, they provide the best speed.
  • Public proxy servers are the most common and the least secure. They are often free and easily accessible but hard to trust.

Add a third-party proxy provider to your account

In the Web Console,

  1. Select z icon account_settings lac 05202021.png
  2. Select Account Settings.
  3. Select z icon account_settings grey lac 05202021.png
  4. Select Proxies.
  5. Select Add Proxy.
  6. Enter the Proxy Info.
  7. Enter the Proxy Connection Info.
  8. Select ADD.

Test your proxy connection with TEST CONNECTION SETTINGS to ensure the connection is ready for an agent.

add a real proxy.gif

Gateway Address example:

Your third-party proxy providers supplies the username and password for your Mozenda proxy connection. Luminati and OxyLabs would follow this format.


IP list example:


File format
File typecsv. or tsv.Required
HeadersColumn A- IpAddress Column B - PortMust be an exact match or no headers
IP address format{IP Address}/{maskbits} or {IP address}Required

Samples are listed below to help with formatting your IP upload. Not actual IP addresses.

Subnet example:


IP Address only:,55860

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